Through the Wormhole


I’ve recently started to watch the TV Series “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. I’ve fell in love with the amazing content and wonders of the universe, the cosmos, the quantum, or the deepest corners of the human brain.

My goal is to share my research time with the episodes and balance my publications. Some of them will maintain focus on Brain-Computer Interfaces and Virtual Reality, while others will start to focus on “Space, Time, Life itself”.

I am also monitoring the impact that a feasible job opportunity will have on my schedule so, perhaps I will change my agenda and post twice a week: one article about my research and one article about my perspective on the series topics.


The Start of a New Journey

How I began my NerveGear research

Since the beginning of January, I have been planing, preparing and projecting my research about Virtual Reality. The goal, as childish as it may seem at first, is to create a NerveGear (reference to Sword Art Online – SAO). A little background info promises the release of the first project of SAO in 2020.

Dreams aside, I found extremely interesting the subject behind NerveGear, which involves virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces so, I started my adventure. I began by the place where “all” students go, the Wikipedia. It may not be the most scientific-approved source of information but it helps to retrieve 127 references for further research. And that’s what I did. I signed-up for a Mendeley account and added as many references as I could, including as many papers as I could get my hands on, of course.

I also prepared a small template for note-taking, provided by my Knowledge Engineering teacher at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. And a recent course I took at about Note-Taking for Business Professionals – not related to this research – helped me to feel ready for this challenge.

I have a few ground rules for this research:

  1. I will keep researching for as long as I’m looking for a job; if a wild job opportunity appears, I may tackle it and re-think my research strategy but “Never Give Up!” — Naruto.
  2. I will, to the best of my capabilities, read one full article every morning, so I’m free to train and develop other skills during the rest of the day; and also to have time for my volunteering at BEST or my hobby as photographer.
  3. For every article I read, I will create a “paper reading sheet” with the synthesis of the paper, the background, main findings and conclusions, which I will use to write a blog post.

Of course my journey doesn’t end until I achieve my goals. I want to enrol in a PhD (preferably with a scholarship, otherwise I have to, first, find a job and save money for it). But, above all, I would feel really good if succeeded to develop the NerveGear until 2020.