Neurons as Plastic/Dynamic Devices | Synapses, Neurons and Brains | Coursera

Hi everyone,

I continued my path on the “Synapses, Neurons and Brains” course, at, and I need to say it was one of my favourite lectures. How the brain learns, how the brain changes, neuro plasticity, neurogenesis and so many other topics related with this just made my day. I literally spent the rest of the day dreaming about how one would be if it could control the brain and the creation of new neurons at different lobes.

So, my question for today is:
— I’ve heard we only use 10% of the brain. I’ve heard that is not true. Although I have yet to learn why, I don’t understand why it is not true. I would understand if someone told me: “The brain is used to 100%”, because the brain, without my “control”, does make use of all its capacity; there is brain activity all around. But, for me, that is not the same as me being in full (100%) control of the brain; it’s not the same as me telling where and when to regenerate neurons, where to send electrical spikes, which information to store and which to pass, etc.

As I have yet to learn about information/data storage and memory, I will let you in another one of my ideas: the memory is the result of an electrical input to complete a predefined path in the network. Yes, it’s ignorant but for now, I’m going with it on my fantasy novels. To elaborate, this idea means you remember things when a spike runs from one neuron to another, and another spike follows, in a closed-loop path in the network, and by “collecting” pieces of information (bits) along the network, you complete all chunks and you get a memory. That would explain why you can remember things you think about all the time (those paths have strong connections) and why sometimes you can’t remember things (there’s a problem making a connection); it could also explain why traumatic events mess with your memory: basically, you shutdown a part of the network (you kill some connections, to forget).

What do you think of this?




Author: Pedro Oliveira

Master in Informatics and Computer Engineering; Game Developer at FABAMAQ. Photographer, Marketer and Designer. Interested in Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuro Engineering.

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