Back to Square One

Hi everyone,

It has been too long since my last post. Here’s a recap of 2016 so far:

  • I started this project in January while looking for job opportunities;
  • I started a recruiting process in February;
  • In March, the company started the internship process;
  • In April, I was still looking for a job; they were still processing my internship;
  • I worked for a start-up in May;
  • I left the start-up in June (it wasn’t what I was looking for);
  • I finished all the work I had left in BEST, in June/July, except for EBEC;
  • I went to Belgrade, Serbia, in August to finish my mandate as EBEC PR Manager; I also met with 22 European students in BEST Porto Summer Course 2016, BeSmart – Shape the City.

I cannot start a PhD right now for lack of resources so, I’m looking for more job opportunities. In the meanwhile, I’ve wondered about doing another M.D. in either Digital Marketing or Game Development.

Nevertheless, I’m available, which means I can restart this blog. Problem is: I’m back to square one – I need to refresh what I’ve learned, create all my mind maps, connect all the dots and start over.

Yet again, I’m looking for a job to support my plans, which means all my availability can disappear suddenly. If not, here is the plan: (re)start researching about Brain-Computer Interfaces, Computational Neuroscience (Neuro-Informatics); re-watch the TV Series “Through the Wormhole” and comment about it.

Until next time, またね




Author: Pedro Oliveira

Master in Informatics and Computer Engineering; Game Developer at FABAMAQ. Photographer, Marketer and Designer. Interested in Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuro Engineering.

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