Computational Neuroscience

Hi everyone,

After a long period of job hunting, volunteering work and some other professional, social and personal affairs, I am back. These last few months helped me to further define what I want to follow in the next years and where I think my research may lead me.

After discussing my goals with a friend, I enrolled in a Computational Neuroscience course, at Coursera, by PhD Rajesh P. N. Rao and Adrienne Fairhall, here.

I divided the course in its several weeks so I can check and work on it until September. And after that, only the future knows where I’ll go.

I’ve also started researching universities to do a PhD myself and, although I like the idea of staying in my hometown and synchronise/finish my goals altogether, perhaps my future is out there.

So, between Neuroinformatics and my pursuit of happiness, or Informatcs and Computer Engineering PhD, I can only tell a few steps ahead. For now, I need to work and gather the resources to change the world.

See you next time