Through the Wormhole


I’ve recently started to watch the TV Series “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. I’ve fell in love with the amazing content and wonders of the universe, the cosmos, the quantum, or the deepest corners of the human brain.

My goal is to share my research time with the episodes and balance my publications. Some of them will maintain focus on Brain-Computer Interfaces and Virtual Reality, while others will start to focus on “Space, Time, Life itself”.

I am also monitoring the impact that a feasible job opportunity will have on my schedule so, perhaps I will change my agenda and post twice a week: one article about my research and one article about my perspective on the series topics.


Author: Pedro Oliveira

I am a Master of Informatics and Computer Engineering, graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. I am also an amateur photographer, volunteer at BEST and former member of TEUP. I am curious and creative, organized, assertive but reserved, friendly and caring. I like writing, music, photography, Japanese culture, fitness, sports and media entertainment. I am interested in Brain-Computer Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Game Design and Development, PR, Marketing, Multimedia, Mobile and Web Development.

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