The Start of a New Journey

How I began my NerveGear research


Since the beginning of January, I have been planing, preparing and projecting my research about Virtual Reality. The goal, as childish as it may seem at first, is to create a NerveGear (reference to Sword Art Online – SAO). A little background info promises the release of the first project of SAO in 2020.

Dreams aside, I found extremely interesting the subject behind NerveGear, which involves virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces so, I started my adventure. I began by the place where “all” students go, the Wikipedia. It may not be the most scientific-approved source of information but it helps to retrieve 127 references for further research. And that’s what I did. I signed-up for a Mendeley account and added as many references as I could, including as many papers as I could get my hands on, of course.

I also prepared a small template for note-taking, provided by my Knowledge Engineering teacher at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. And a recent course I took at about Note-Taking for Business Professionals – not related to this research – helped me to feel ready for this challenge.

I have a few ground rules for this research:

  1. I will keep researching for as long as I’m looking for a job; if a wild job opportunity appears, I may tackle it and re-think my research strategy but “Never Give Up!” — Naruto.
  2. I will, to the best of my capabilities, read one full article every morning, so I’m free to train and develop other skills during the rest of the day; and also to have time for my volunteering at BEST or my hobby as photographer.
  3. For every article I read, I will create a “paper reading sheet” with the synthesis of the paper, the background, main findings and conclusions, which I will use to write a blog post.

Of course my journey doesn’t end until I achieve my goals. I want to enrol in a PhD (preferably with a scholarship, otherwise I have to, first, find a job and save money for it). But, above all, I would feel really good if succeeded to develop the NerveGear until 2020.

Author: Pedro Oliveira

Master in Informatics and Computer Engineering; Game Developer at FABAMAQ. Photographer, Marketer and Designer. Interested in Virtual Reality, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neuro Engineering.

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